Western District Fellowship Award

Established in 1995 to encourage graduate education in transportation at a Western District university, this fellowship award annually goes to the highest-ranking Western District resident that applies for ITE fellowship.  The winning student receives a $1,000 scholarship toward their education.  See the Western District Fellowship Application for additional information.

Award Winner
2014 Christopher Cameron, CU-Denver
2013 none
2012 none
2011 Steven Dudley, Brigham Young University
2009 Heremy Searle, Brigham Young University
2009 Joey Staszcuk, Montana State University
2008 Pak Ho (Samuel) Cheung, UNLV
2007 none
2006 none
2005 Adam Cohen, UC Berkeley
2004 none
2003 Christopher S. Maciejewski – UC Berkeley
2002 none
2001 Nicole Conrad – University of Washington
2000 none
1998 Glen J. Thurgood
1997 Arthur McCulloch
1996 Caroline Bricheaux
1995 Scott Jarvis
1992 Lee Cabell