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Past International Presidents

Members of the Western District that have served as International ITE President

International ITE President Term
Zaki Mustafa 2013
Rock Miller 2012
Rich Romer 2006
Tim Harpst 2005
Jenny L. Grote 2002
Nazir Lalani 1999
James R. Hanks 1997
R. Marshall Elizer, Jr. 1995
Jonathan E. Upchurch 1991
James L. Pline 1989
James H. Kell 1986
William Marconi 1978
Ross T. Shoaf 1972
Alexander L. Hutchinson 1966
George W. Howie 1965
J. Al Head 1963
Joseph E. Havenner 1957-58
F. Bruce Crandall 1952-53

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