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ITE Western District » Santa Barbara 2012 Technical Paper Compendium

Santa Barbara 2012 Technical Paper Compendium

The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2012 Western District Annual meeting in Santa Barbara, California. Please see the Technical Session Program for descriptions of the papers/presentations. If your paper or presentation is missing and you would like to have it posted here, or you would like other ITE members to contact you regarding your paper/presentation, please contact Web Manager Justin Link.

Papers and PowerPoints Presented by Session and Author/Presenter:

Session Presenter-Paper Presenter-Powerpoint
Keynote Kienitz
2A Carnarius
2A Fitzsimons
2A Sylvester
2A Upchurch Upchurch
2B McAllister
2C Casil-Sharma Casil-Sharma
2C Gutierrez
2C Ruehr
2C Yu-Sulijoadikusumo Yu-Sulijoadikusumo
3A Attah
3A Bigazzi
3A O’Connell
3B Bowie
3C Bryden
3C Cheng
3C Hall
4A Parks-Damkowitch
4A Rahman
4A Shimizu
4B Davis
4C Bosket Bosket
4C He
4C Le
4C Siromaskul Siromaskul
4D Shoup
5A Hanson Hanson
5A McCourt McCourt
5A Schulte
5B Bell Bell
5B Offei
5B Slavin
5B Wu
5C Andalibian
5C Farivar
5C Keith
5C Ruehr
6A Alam
6A Liu Liu
6A McCourt McCourt
6A Smith
6B Ahiamadi Ahiamadi
6B Damkowitch
6B Elias Elias
6B Nie
6C Martellaro-Palmer
6C Tian
6C Wong
6C Zhao Zhao
7A Moore
7A Schoen-Nguyen
7A Ye
7B Hendrix Hendrix
7B Kothuri
7B Nagananda-Parentela Nagananda-Parentela
7C Kerenyi Kerenyi
7C Zhao Zhao
7D Benjamin
7D Cohen
7D Lalani
7D Pande
7D Serafin Serafin
8A Erney
8A Hovanesian
8A Maciejewski
8A Samdahl Samdahl
8B Feng Feng
8B Lee
8C Grote
8C Morrissey Morrissey
8C Noorparvar
9A Aaron-Saito
9A Hovanesian
9A Munoz
9A Schultz1 Schultz
9A Schultz2
9A Wang
9B Brown
9B Danne Danne
9B Liu/Liu(Video)
9B Miller Miller
9C Ahiamadi Ahiamadi
9C Fogel
9C Kerenyi Kerenyi
9C Mendoza

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